Agency röffen & Co

Year 2023/24


Art DirectionBrandingGIF Animation

For the Düsseldorf-based Agency röffen & Co, I was able to create the layout for print and digital, such as the City light campaign, a street car print, animated banner campaign, and promotional material such as bakery paper bags. Credits: Strategy by Ailien Marjanović, Copy by Veronika Funken, Project Management by Robert Zvosec

Palomaa Publishing

Year 2022


Book CoverBranding

A book written by Jennifer Klinge telling about new impulses of being a woman, social expectations and your own timing from the age of 30. I was able to give this important topic a cover with color and a modern look.

Palomaa Publishing

Year 2023


Book CoverBranding

I was able to design the book cover for BYE – a book about death, saying goodbye and talking about all that stays. The book will be published in March 2024

Agency röffen & Co

Year 2022

röffen & Co


is a Düsseldorf-based Ad Agency founded by Kai Röffen, who asked me to design and develop a logo that catches up the different „&“ to the agency. A client or a coworker, everyone is a „&“ collaborator.  / / /   Strategy by Dirk Wilkesmann

About me

Hi! I’m Julie Ann a freelance senior art director and graphic designer with over 15 years of experience on many major projects for renowned agencies and clients in the fields of fashion, beauty, and technology. I’ve specialized in branding, digital experiences and visual identities. Likewise, I work in teams of developers, or strategists. Planning a project? I’m happy to meet you 🙂

Vyola – Natural Cosmetics

Vyola Natural Cosmetics

Year 2020

Vyola Natural Cosmetics

BrandingPackagingSocial Media Assets

A natural hair essence created and founded in Morocco. Together with Jennifer Klinge who created the brand strategy, I was in charge of the logo, the overall look, all designs and content for social media.

Agency scholz & friends Berlin

Year 2022

International Metropolis Conference

BrandingPackagingSocial Media Assets

is a multi-day international conference that took place in Berlin in 2022. In six plenary sessions, a high-level forum, two symposia and 78 workshops, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary discussions were held over several days. My work was to develop assets like a packaging, animated Twitter postings, and different promotional materials for these events.

zweimalgut Charity Shop
zweimalgut – Charity Shop

Client Deutsche Kleiderstiftung

Year 2020

zweimalgut Charity Shop


zweimalgut – still great enough to wear it twice. I designed the logo, the store sign, all stationary items, the webpage, and static and animated social media assets.

Client Hegeler Wittstock architects

Year 2018

Hegeler Wittstock architects


The logo is based on the initials of the two architects, Hegeler and Wittstock. In a very subtle and minimalistic way, it also shows the outline of the roof of a house. I love the elegant printing of the filigree logo on thick and robust carton paper.  / / /   Strategy & Text by Dirk Wilkesmann

Client Kerstin Buddendiek

Year 2021

Kerstin Buddendiek – Social Storytelling

BrandingGIF AnimationUX/UI

A very colorful and fun-to-do web project I did for Kerstin, who brings the story of a brand to life using the right social media channels. The Logo was created way before by Fabian Kalf, the color interpretation was made by me. Development by Lukas Krause

What I offer

Art DirectionBook CoverBrandingEditorialGIF AnimationLogoPackagingSocial Media AssetsStationaryUX/UIVisual Strategy

Clients & Agencies

röffen & Co / Scholz & Friends Group / BTF – bildundtonfabrik / Shanghai Berlin / palomaa publishing / thjnk / Deutsche Kleiderstiftung / DRV – Deutsche Rentenversicherung / Bundeswirtschaftsministerium / McCann / Hilfswerk München / Parasol Island / Filomontini / ROOM 707 / Ford / Hab und Gut / Hegeler Wittstock / Holtmann+ / Juvia / Gira / Kleidsam / LOOX Magazin / Vyola / Toom Baumarkt / Rewe Group / Qiagen / Rheinbahn / Ogilvy & Mather / AOK / E-On / Verkehrssicherheitskampagne Runter vom Gas / GAG Köln / WAVEMAKER / Brand Lounge / Porsche Career / Sparkasse / Tom Kirchner / KaDeWe, Alsterhaus, Oberpollinger …

Want to collaborate?

Changetax – genial digital

Year 2018



is a solution-oriented digitalization combined with many years of expertise in tax consulting. Together with Jennifer Klinge, who created the strategy and all text assets, my job was to make changes to the logo, develop the overall branding, like color and typography, and design the webpage.

Webpage for Jennifer Klinge

Year 2022

Jennifer Klinge

For my friend Jennifer Klinge, whom I regularly work with, I was asked to design her webpage. Jennifer is a copywriter, book author, brand language expert and digital strategist. Development by Lukas Krause

Client Holtmann+

Year 2021-2023


BrandingSocial Media AssetsVisual Strategy

is 360° FULL SERVICE. From the initial idea to implementation. In 2021, together with Jennifer Klinge, who does brand strategy, I developed the brand purpose for social media and all social media assets with a new look. Ongoing, I’m involved in print assets and package design topics.

Client Hilfswerk München

Year 2020-23

Trachten Flohmarkt


Charity Poster Campaign: Since already three years in a row, I am designing the poster campaign for a „Trachten Flohmarkt“ in Munich. It’s a social project for the „Hilfswerk München“. Together with Designer Andreas Gutzeit, who did the arty freehand lettering.

Logo from scratch


social marketplace


This social marketplace was launched in 2020 with the concept of keeping items in the value cycle for longer, thus increasing the focus on the topic of sustainability. At the same time, every sale should support a non-profit organization. Together with Art Director Andreas Gutzeit we were asked to create the Logo from scratch, including all Icons and Branding such as the Icon Illustrations. Sadly, the marketplace didn’t go live with our concept and also no longer exists.

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